Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silly Sobbing Gay Boys and Their Show Tunes

So I commute to work from SLC to Provo everyday. This morning I’m going over the point of the mountain when the lady in the car next to me glares at me and makes a face that says “who died?” Then I realized. . . someone DID die. It was Javer. I was listening to Les Miz and blubbering like a baby in my car on the hwy. People were watching this poor little gay dude getting all emotional over his showtunes. Sometimes I am so stereotypical.


ammon said...

Don't worry, that part of the play is always the hardest for me too... cept perhaps when Eponine dies... heck its an emotional stroy.

I do understand about acting stereotypical. I worry about it myself a lot. But my family loves me anyway, and thats what is most important right now for me.

Scott said...

I'm not sure I've ever cried at Javert's death, but Eponine's and Gavroche's get me every time.

Heck, I tear up at the end of Iron Giant. Every single time. And with four kids you know I've seen it (and nearly every other animated movie in existence) more times than I can count.

Ben Degenxr from MYspace said...

especially on les miz, after the second intermission I wanted to kill myself. That is a girl's broadway show:) Because only girls I know liked that show. You are like only the second guy I know that has.

I saw like 40 shows while I was in NYC; and that was my worse....not saying you are a girl or anything I just do not get it:)

One thing I hated was getting sat in front of 2 gay guys as they would sing all the songs-and you would have to turn around and tell them to be quiet-and go to the piano bar:) I did not pay 125.00 to hear them.

Anyway I am not hating-just sharing in your rant:)