Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I had a dream last night; a most peculiar and fabulous dream.

I was among the chosen few to be competing in Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model; yes me. Now stay with me here. There were 2 other male models and several ladies. We were all in a room together where Tyra was explaining the next challenge. We would each be photographed on a set that would be chosen specifically by the team of experts to accentuate our inner personality.

One of the girls was taken out to hair and make-up. (My dream was already edited by the way, so everything happened in precision timing.) Within seconds her photo shoot proofs came back and she was FABULOUS. They turned this homely woman into a fabulous and SEXY star with the cunning use of a python.

Next was MY turn, yes me. Tyra looked at me and said the team was going to bring out the inner wild side in me. I was swept away to air and make-up. They took a blow dryer to my hair and made it BIG. They gave me these tiny hot pants to wear, leaving little to the imagination and then covered my body in white paint with psychedelic splatters of color here and there. Then they took me to a desert scene with one gnarly tree and tied me to it. It was a man-eating tree with people inside of it working the branches like arms, clawing at me. Tyra was behind the camera yelling at me, “You’re scared. You’re defiant. You’re FIERCE Jeromy FIERCE!”

The proofs came back and everyone looked at them on a big screen. I was FREAKIN HOT! The look on my face said, “This tree knows who is Boss. Who’s its Daddy?!?!”

Then thought thought occured to me. . .How about I never wear denim hot pants again. . mmk?

I woke myself up laughing. I often remember my dreams, but I only record the ones that are particularly crazy or meaningful. This falls under the category of CRAZY! And that usually means I am of sound mind and have little else on my mind to bother me in my sleep. Thank goodness for being of sound mind during the day and CRAZY in my sleep!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's FIERCE, Jeremy. F-to the I to the E-R-C-E. FIERCE!!! snap snap and a little chin to each shoulder action- whatever that's called.