Friday, March 27, 2009

Goals for 2009

A good friend of mind inspired me to make a list of Goals for 2009. It has been said that a goal is not a goal unless it's written down and published. Therefore I may be accountable for the completion of these goals. After much thought I compiled this list of things that I want to devote my attention to. This year will be geared to accomplishing these tasks. I"ll let you know when I can check them off the list.

1) I will get a passport.

This costs money and takes time, but I need one for many reasons. My good friend, mentor and editor has invited me to go to England this summer. A passport is the first step in making that trip. . AND possibly others abroad.

2) Workout at least 3x a week til June 6

I need to be comfortable in a speedo by PRIDE this year. In order to do that I need to workout at least 3 times a week, with plenty of cardio and upper body strength. I'm already well on my way, but the word HOT needs to come to mind when I see myself in the mirror and that hasn't happened yet. I'll let you know!!!

3) write 5 chapters of my book before July

I have been challenged by my mentor and editor to write 5 chapters before July. I am totally on board with this. It's doable and it will be fun.

4) Move to SLC by August

I have my current rental contract up for sale. I need someone to buy out my contract and then I can move to SLC. If nobody buys my contract, it will expire in August and I will move then anyway. Roommates anyone?

5) Get a job in SLC that meets my needs.

Hopefully in the field of social services.

NOW!!! You know my goals. Feel free to encourage me.


ColorfulJacksons said...

Goals?! I don't need no stinkin' goals!

These are doable and also require work so good job! Most of us make goals we can't meet.

Jeromy Robison said...

Most of my goals will be complete by August. So by then I'll prolly need more. I think 6 month goals are really efficient and manageable. . the light is at the end of the tunnel even from the start.