Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Fish in a Little Pond

Big Fish in a Little Pond

Once upon a time there was a little fish in a little pond. He was not like the other little fish. He had one colorful fin and that made him different. While the little fish was loved by his family, he was not happy. He wanted more than what his little pond had to offer, and maybe just maybe there would be other little fishes that were colorful like him.

The little fish swam upstream to find another little pond in which to live. It was filled with friendly plain-colored fish. But among the, lived a few with colorful fins. These colorful fish kept to themselves. Sometimes the plainly colored fish made fun of the more colorful fish. The little pond even had some rules against having colorful fins. The little fish found that he liked the colorful fish and he made a home with them and that made the little fish happy. Friends always make life in a little pond happy.

Over time, the little fish learned where to find all the good algae to eat. He found a wonderful place to build a little home. He invited all of his colorful friends to come and play in his new home. The little fish held colorful fish-parties and all the other little colorful fish in the little pond loved and trusted the little fish. The little fish went to fish school and learned how to become even more success. He found even better algae to eat. All of the little fish’s success attracted more fish, both colorful and plain, who wanted to make their lives in the little pond like his, happy and successful. The little fish grew to become a big fish and as he grew his colorful fin became even more colorful.

As time when by and the, now, big fish lived his life in happiness, his colorful friends one by one went their own ways. After several happy years the big fish found that he no longer had very many colorful fish around him. As the big fish grew, he found that he was liked more and more by the plain fish and he learned to live with them in happiness. In fact, he was completely surrounded by plain fish. As time went on, they learned that his colorful fin is what made him so happy, successful and big and the plain fish wanted to be near him. Sadly, the big fish wanted to be around more colorful fish and the big fish had grown increasingly larger. He was too big for the little pond.

The time had come for the big fish to find a new pond in which to live. So he told his plain fish friends that he loved them, but that he was not happy anymore. He needed to find a bigger pond. So the lonely big fish began swimming upstream in search of a new home.


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