Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Dead Beat Dolphins

Why don't we hear about Dead Beat Dolphin Daddies? Because they don't exist!

To a race such as humans, in which Dads are conspicuously absent more often then than not, it might seem strange that another species on the planet would have mastered the art of fatherhood so exceptionally. It's true. Dolphin bulls are ferociously protective of their off-spring to an extent beyond belief.


During mating season, cows allow countless males to breed with them over a period of several days. Their is a short but intense courtship that is incredibly passionate and rough. The males involved are almost always within the same pod. It's one big family-sized orgy in which every dolphin, of age, participates. In fact, other bulls often assist in the mating process, helping the courtship a of fellow cows and bulls long.

When its time for the calves to be born, the bulls have no idea which calf genetically belongs to them. What do they do? Do they have a paternity test and custody battle? No! They spend the rest of their lives looking after the welfare of the ENTIRE POD. The Dolphin's sense of family is so broad that it includes multiple generations and extensions of their bloodline.

Consequently, dolphins have one of the strongest and most connected family structure of the animal kingdom.

There are no Dead Beat Dolphin Dads.

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