Sunday, March 10, 2013

Til Madness Meets the Dawn

by: Jeromy Robison

Lay you, your armor down around
Your feet and cling to me.
And cast away the sword aboard
A night ship out to sea.

When day is done, a battle won,
Lay you, your fear aside;
Lest you afraid of mercy made,
“Adieu to worthless pride!”

You think it wise to hide your eyes?
Know I the scene they’ve seen?
If you desire to cry, then cry.
But think you, more of me.

I’ve come up through the war with you
Steadfast at ev’ry fight.
I sacrifice my rest tonight
Til morning bests the night.

In silence, sleep. I’ll tender keep
The watch from starlight on.
Let me eschew my faith anew
Til madness meets the dawn.

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