Thursday, January 21, 2010


I can't sleep tonight. I want to share some things that I just know.

I was chosen to be gay. Call it blessed, cursed or challenged: God was fully aware I would be tested to my very limits and humbled beneath the weight of sexual attractions before I was born. It seems to run contrary to life's harmony and God's plan. . but that in itself is the test. Ponder that for a minute. Being gay seems to disrupt the very essence of God's plan and yet I have not abandoned my quest for happiness and meaning. Abraham was challenged to sacrifice his son, a contadiction to God's own plan. I am asked to live a life of social stigma, lonliness, and identity confusion. I struggle to find my place in this world. I struggle to find love and its true meaning while physical attractions run backwards; against social norms and natural selection. I was up for the challenge before I got this miraculous body and I am STILL up to the challenge. Powers that be. . bring it on!. . Bring on the gay!

I have a family that loves me. . and I them. We continually over-come challenges together. I am blessed with a twin brother who looks out for me and adires me.

Death is a necessary and important transition in life. It is to be respected and celebrated. . . not feared.

There is more to this world than we can see. Spiritual matter is everywhere and through us. We are more powerful as spiritual beings than our physical bodies give us credit for. We are taught to downplay our spiritual nature and question it. To do so is foolishness. Our very nature is spiritual. We should embrace it.

God is real. He is our teacher. He is helpful. He is patient. He is relentless and passionate at being involved in our spiritual progression.

We are gifted beyond recognition. I am learning more and more about my own gifts.

Life itself is beautiful.

Tragedy and pain are necessary to our progression. God would not be a good God should he ever interfere in human suffering. I know this to be true, but its hard to explain so it makes sense to anyone else. Reference the above statements regarding death and also God's passion in teaching us.

My affirmations are subject to change at any time. I reserve the right to update and improve my affirmations when I see fit. I admit my own reasoning is flawed to a degree and I admit a strong resistance to change- but also recognise the need for flexibility and understanding.

Humans are flawed. Admitting this shows humility. Improving upon flaws and moving forward shows character.

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